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I didn’t want to get up this morning.  I have been told many times that waking up at the same time every day, regardless of circumstances, helps with coping with stress and gives the person time to consciously decide how they will approach their day albeit positive or negative.  I didn’t get up on time, I ignored the alarm and I didn’t want to get up.  I wasn’t grateful, I wasn’t thinking positive, I just laid there wishing to just stay put.  With isolation comes a loss of time, day, routine, and social interaction.  That in and of itself makes one question reality…what is truly real in life if what is around us is perceived from the inside out.  If that is true, our situation and how we perceive and react to it is based on what we consciously believe.  So, if I want to believe that this situation sucks and that life as I know it is over and I need to eat every donut in the DMV and binge-watch the “Great British Baking Show” (don’t judge me, for all you know, I’m just setting the scene), then I will approach this pandemic with depression, guilt, and 20 extra pounds.  But, that doesn’t have to be my reality – as much as I wished it away, there is a new “normal” and change is threatening.  So in the face of change and threat, I find myself needing the inspiration to improve my mindset and become positive in difficult situations.  So what has become the magic elixir for dire times…music.

Yeah, yeah, I hear the mutters of, “how can music change the fact that we are shuttered in our homes, that we can’t see friends and family, go to restaurants and shopping, we are not working and, well, the fact that toilet paper has become a luxury and we might be resorting to lettuce in the bathroom in the coming days?”  Well, music can change your attitude, music can improve your mood, music can shift your focus.  I have found myself listening to popular music again and having daily dance parties with my children, something I haven’t taken the time to do in years.  I am now writing music again and loving it.  I have started relearning Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude and falling in love with the Romantic Period.  I am now learning the ukulele and guitar to become more proficient and to learn a new skill and relieve stress.  

This change of scenery, this change in the world where we have been forced to look inward is giving us all the opportunity to grow as individuals in so many ways.  This has given us our time back, time we were using for commuting back and forth and stretching ourselves through overbooked schedules.  This has provided us time to be more present in the moment, how you choose to be “present”, whether it is finding the positive and being grateful or looking through a negative lens is completely your choice.  I choose to filter out the noise of the daily news and press conferences and listen to music:  classicial, rock, jazz, pop…and even country (again, don’t judge me, not one of my favorites).  Each song has its own story that can remind us of pleasant memories or hopes that we have for our futures.  

Like all storms, this pandemic will pass.  It is up to you how you weather the storm and what type of person you will be on the other side.  Was the social isolation a motivator to improve your life and relationships or will it be a dark memory that will haunt you?  I hope you chose the former rather than the latter.  

Do these words move you?  If so, what music are you listening to?  What is your favorite song that you relate to?  Tell me in the comments below so we can create an ongoing playlist that might just change the world!

Music is for everyone, regardless of age and ability.  Interested in learning an instrument, including using your internal one?  Then email me at Info@GarrettMusicAcademy.com to sign up with the Garrett Music Academy for private, online music lessons from the comfort of your home.

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