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Band GMA Scaled 1


  • Does your scholar have any experience playing an instrument? Has your scholar ever wanted to play in a band with others their own age? Learn real-time from AMAZING Coaches in the following areas:
    • Music Theory
    • Song Writing (Lyrics)/Song Writing (Instruments)
    • Marketing and Branding
    • and much more
Program Starts: November 5, 2022 
This is a 9-month “in-person” program. Payment plans and scholarship opportunities are available. If you are signing up siblings/family members, please let us know so we can ensure you are receiving the proper discount.


We offer a tween and teen program that tailors resources within the program to the individual’s needs that address mental health affected by social isolation, family, peer dynamics, depression, and anxiety through music, writing, and art.  Each student receives a 1-hour one on one consultation and an individual development plan plus:



  • Vocal Exercises
  • Song Writing Classes
  • Beat Production Coaching
  • Spoken Word
  • And MORE
Find Your Voice with GMA


What is Music Therapy and How Can It Help?


The term “Music Therapy” can be broad; however, this narrative should give more specific information about this form of music instruction and how it can help everyone.  Music therapy is the use of music, in a clinical way, to improve a person’s overall quality of life.  Much like other forms of therapy, music therapy is a tool one can use for a variety of reasons:  PTSD, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and addiction.  It is also a method we have applied to work with students that require additional cognitive and developmental tools such as autism and spectrum disorders, gross and fine motor skill therapy, stroke and brain injury and much more.


If you believe your kid was born to be a star, enroll in the POPULAR Stars2B Music Theater program.  This is a VIRTUAL program and is open to children ages 5 to 6 Years old. 


6-week Virtual Program

  • Program inspired by Storybook and Disney Characters that will include Broadway Singing, dancing, showing emotion, imagination, characterization and storytelling.
  • Students will learn short excerpts from age appropriate Broadway show tunes


Please check back with us in Fall for schedule in 2023.



Is your kid the next Broadway Musical star?  Enroll in the Taste of Broadway Theater program.  This is a VIRTUAL program and is open to children ages 7 to 9 years old.

6-week Virtual Program

  • Sessions will include vocal warmups, Broadway style singing and dancing, acting exercises that are age appropriate and geared to introducing Broadway shows.
  • This program is focused on developing a love and passion for Musical Theater.

A great opportunity for self-esteem, homeschool music, curriculum, to learn more about musical theater.

Please check back with us in Fall for the schedule in 2023.


Does your kid want to learn more about the history of Broadway and want to learn what it takes to make it to Broadway?  Enroll in the Broadway Then, Now, and Beyond program.  This is a VIRTUAL program and is open to ages 10 to 15 Years old. 


  • 6-week Virtual Program
  • Sessions will include Broadway singing, dancing, and script reading from selected shows.
  • Sessions will include the history of Musical Theater’s Golden age to Broadway shows today!

This mini-program will conclude with a virtual performance of their work. Extra work will be needed outside of class to record lines and short excerpts of songs for their performance. Every student will have a chance in the spotlight!


Please Check Back in Fall For More Information On the January 2023 Class.