Policies and Procedures

Below is our list of policies and updated procedures for Garrett Music Academy.  When signing up for lessons at GMA, your enrollment form will list this information and request a signature as confirmation that you have read and understand all regulations.

Signing the enrollment form also (by default) allows GMA to take pictures/videos of lessons and events at GMA that may include yourself or your student.  You may request to not have your family included in our media, and GMA will also notify you before using any pictures/videos involving your family.

1) We require 8 hours advanced notice for an “on-time cancellation”.  Cancellations can be made via email, voicemail and phone call.  If confirmation is before the 8 hours preceding your lesson, a credit will be given to the next unpaid week; however, if cancellation takes place inside the 8 hour time window, payment for that lesson will be charged and still be paid to the teacher.

     RESCHEDULING:  If you call before the 8 hour window, you have the option of rescheduling within that week, and the credit will be transferred to the rescheduled session.  If you call late within the 8 hours you will only have the option of rescheduling for the same day at a different time, otherwise the lesson will be charged like a cancellation.  *If the reason for late scheduling is due to sickness we will honor it as a early notice but no more than 6 times a year. A NCNS (No Call, No Show) occurs when a student simply does not call or show up. In that case the teacher is still paid and the family charged. We will remove you from the schedule if we cannot reach you within a week after a NCNS.

2) We require payment for lessons at the end of the month for the following month. Lessons must be paid in advance, otherwise they will be canceled until a payment is received. If accounts are 15 days past due, a $20 late fee will be charged.

3) We do not give refunds on music lessons, books, or accessories.

4) All scheduling changes are handled through the front office staff and NOT through your teacher. An alleged scheduling change facilitated by the teacher will not be recognized. Please conduct all communications by using the primary phone line 410-286-5505 or emailing garrettmusicacademy@gmail.com.

5) We take great pride in protecting your personal information. GMA is not liable for personal contact between students and teachers outside of GMA although we strongly discourage it. Please do not provide teachers with personal phone numbers or email addresses. All contact with teachers must be facilitated through the front office in order for us to protect your information. While we are not liable for social network contact such as Facebook, and Twitter, we strongly urge against this practice.

6) Due to the increased demand for lessons, we cannot hold lesson times for students that need to cancel/missed lessons for more than 3 weeks in a row. If you plan on keeping your spot and need more time than the 3 weeks you must pay for the anticipated lessons to hold your spot.

7) There is a $40.00 return check fee. If a return check balance including the fee is not paid within ten days, the account will be vigorously pursued through collection activity permitted by law.

8) We do pursue collections both through a three-week in house procedure, as well as small claims court when applicable.

PROCEDURE UPDATE as of May 19th, 2023:

To prevent the spread of illness to families, faculty, and staff, be advised that we are implementing a simple procedure moving forward.

Effective immediately, any teacher will reserve the right to deny a lesson or cancel a lesson early if the child is showing clear signs of illness, primarily if the symptoms result in the direct spreading of a viral/bacterial infection. Symptoms can include, but are not limited to (based on CDC guidelines):
-Fever or feeling feverish/chills within the last 24 hours
-Sore throat
-Runny or stuffy nose
-Muscle or body aches
-Fatigue (tiredness)

If a student exhibits one or more of these signs and a teacher deems it necessary to stop a lesson, the lesson will be fully billed, regardless of minutes completed. To avoid this situation, we offer 3 alternatives to billed-cancellation per our current policy:
1) Cancel the lesson before the 8-hour notice window by call/voicemail/email.
2) For up to 6 sick-days per year, reschedule your lesson to another day even if you call/email within the 8-hour notice window.
3) Request to switch the lesson slot to a virtual lesson on a platform of your preference.

Reason for this new procedure:
There have been multiple occasions where a sick student has rendered their teacher ill for an extended period and, in some cases, most of GMA faculty and staff. As a result, the teachers have to cancel multiple lessons in the days following; this causes a loss of lesson time for other families and a loss of work for the teacher inside (and outside) of GMA. In some instances, it was noted that students missed school for sickness, but still were brought to their lessons afterward.  Please treat lessons at GMA like any other situation where illness could cause harm to others.

We thank you for understanding the need for this procedure, as we want to look out for the well-being of all of our students, families, faculty, and staff.