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What makes you who you are? This may be an uncomfortable question for most – to strip down to bare bones. First, you should think about the context of my question.  Am I asking you about what physically makes you who you are or am I going deeper? 

Dig deep, look deep, what does the mirror into your soul reveal?  Who are you and what defines you?  What adjectives would best describe you? I think coming to terms with and accepting the characteristics that create the person that you are is key to loving and accepting yourself – body, mind, and soul.  But in order to create a self-love for yourself…I heard a term today that made me pause.  I’m not kidding, I came to screeching halt (and yes the record scratch did occur in my head).   The term was “flawsome” and I think that is the BEST WORD EVER!  

Why would I love such a word?!  Well, think about it – are you perfect?  I sure as hell am not, I am as far from it as one can get.  We have flaws, imperfections. We are a work in progress, much like a musical composition.  Perfectly imperfect….”FLAWSOME”!   Think about how a composer approaches a song. What will be the compelling theme (what to say) and how to say it with words/lyrics and melody?  There are changes in dynamics…forte for loud and piano for soft and crescendos to add passion and calm.  These along with the choice of note combinations (major vs minor) reflect anger, passion, sadness, love, happiness, excitement:  the emotions that make us human.  

Also, as we are complex as human beings, there are multiple facets of self that can impact our “flawsomeness”.  In addition, there are two sides to each person, their public side and their private side.  The private side is the part of your personality that shows your true inner self. Your true feelings, thoughts, and motivations.   Your public self is what would be considered your ideal self – the person you want society to see and approve of.  This is the portion of yourself you show on social media, at work, and in the midst of your friends when you want to put your best self forward.  There is truth in your public self as there are portions of your private thoughts, perceptions, and core values that you share but your interactions with others are more guarded.  

The purpose for each “version” of you is to protect you at a subconscious level.  Why would you need “protection”?  Well, when we share our innermost thoughts, beliefs, and core values, we show our vulnerability. We shed our outer shell…our mental suit of armor.  When this happens, your interactions with others are authentic and your “flawsomeness” shines through.  When you are authentic, you have successfully merged your private and public selves to be made whole. 

The same can be said in a piece of music.  Think about your favorite song. It is an expression of an individual’s authenticity:  the vulnerability of a person sharing their experiences of love, hate sadness, etc.   The artist is letting you get a glimpse of their private self, their private thoughts, pain, and circumstances.  That takes bravery and confidence, something you have inside of you, too!

The moral of this story is, be you…do you…share you!  You might impact someone’s life in a positive way, make a global impact with words, gestures, and honest emotions.  Remember, you are perfectly imperfect!    Be kind to yourself, accept yourself.  Don’t place limitations on yourself. Life (as well as music) is fluid…the process is fluid.  Be fluid, be authentic, be you!

Did my words have an impact on you?  Do you want to share your own experiences?  Comment below and share with us your thoughts on this subject! 

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