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Want to give your child the opportunity to reach their musical potential in a supportive learning environment?  Then our summer camps are the perfect place for them to experiment and find their true musical calling.

They’ll vastly improve their music and social skills while keeping them away from electronics and other distractions.   Our camps are where young people get to have the time of their lives while learning lifelong skills alongside their newly made friends.   Whatever their ability levels, kids and teens end up feeling more confident and accomplished after successfully completing our camps.

Our camps are run by highly welcoming and experienced tutors.

Camp fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Refunds or credits for any missed classes cannot be applied anywhere.  Payment plans are for two payments.  A 50% deposit is due immediately and the next payment is due 30 days prior to the start of camp. Ask about our scholarship opportunities!

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Making the Band Camp

Have any experience playing an instrument? Have you ever wanted to play in a band with others your own age? Join us for a life-changing two weeks to:

  • Learn from an experienced producer
  • Learn how to work together as a team to bring people joy through music Learn how to prep for a live show
  • And much more!

You and your band will perform LIVE at the end of camp.

     July 17, 2023 thru July 28, 2023
     9 AM EST to 1 PM EST
     Grades  7 – 12

I Am The Lead

I Am The Lead!

Does your child have the desire to become an actor or be on stage?  Enrollment is now open for I Am the Lead! – a hands-on, eye-opening week of training with seasoned actors, college-trained professionals  and others in the industry.

  • July 31, 2023 thru August 4, 2023
  • 9 AM EST – 2 PM EST
  • Ages 11-17

All students will:

  • Learn the necessary techniques required of actors
  • Learn how to relate to their “characters”
  • Receive a FREE Comp Card
  • Receive a demo reel of accomplishments based on their participation
  • And much more!

Music Discovery Camp

We have expanded our camp to 4 weeks and we are offering 2 sessions to give you more!  Is your child ready to take a musical journey through all the elements and instruments of music? Your early musician will be given hands-on opportunities to try many instruments like woodwinds, brass, percussion strings, and voice. Other fun hands-on activities will keep the students so excited that they will want to discover music all year long!  We will offer weekly themes:  Rock, Jazz, Broadway and Country.  Special Guests, Activities and Fields Trips will also be part of our new program!


     Session 1:

     June 19, 2023 – July 14, 2023
     9:00 AM to 3:00 PM EST
     6 to 10 Year Olds

     Session 2:

     July 31, 2023 – August 25, 2023

     9AM to 3 PM EST

     6 to 10 Year Olds