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So it’s morning…alarm may or may not go off (no judgment from me).  You are conscious, lying there and you have a choice:  approach the day either in a positive or negative mindset.  How are you wired to view the day, your life and the world will impact the circumstances, opportunities, and experiences you have…so the question is…how do you plan to show up?

Showing up doesn’t just entail your mood, it is how present and committed you are to your day, your relationships, your circumstances, and well, your life!  Think about how you get ready to present yourself to the world:  you shower/bathe, brush teeth, get dressed, put on shoes, gather necessities and accessories, and out the door you go.  Well, the way you show up to life is the same way.  Much like getting dressed, you have the power of choice – do you show up, going all in and be present in every moment, acknowledging and owning your feelings or do you find yourself camouflaging to hide your flaws and insecurities, taking on the characteristics and expectations of others?

Think about entertainers, they are famous for their ability to be a chameleon.  They take on the persona that is required to be on a stage, whether they are an actor or a musician.  Examples would be the persona Elton John has portrayed on stage with his elaborate outfits, his baroquesque pianos, and buoyant personality.  David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Bruce Springsteen, Arianna Grande, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and others all show up in a larger than life persona.  In opera, the cast shows up to fill the shoes of their characters.  First responders show up each day to help, protect, and serve others.  Parents, working on little to no sleep, doing the balance dance between career and family make the choice to show up.  What about you?

I didn’t always show up.  Sometimes, I would just dial it in.   Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as if I didn’t want to “show up” or take my roles as wife, mother, and business owner seriously.  I was intimidated and overwhelmed.  THEN IT HAPPENED!!!  You see, I’m the Mayor of Crazy Town…apparently I ran for office and won without registering or running a campaign. I’m pretty sure I was nominated by my husband without the option of drawing straws.  Now that I pause to think about it, I’m also the Town Council, the Secretary, Treasurer, and Cleaning Committee.  Now, this could be a prestigious job, if it didn’t involve just being the charge over the three kiddos that while I’m hiding in a backroom closet on a work call burst in and proclaim, “I need time to myself!”  Honey, I haven’t had time to myself since 2010…but I’m not counting the days (it has been 3,654 days, 87,696 hours, 5,261,760 minutes and 315,705,600 seconds at the time of this writing – not that I’m keeping track).  Where am I going with this, you ask?  Well, my point is that while my life is busy, chaotic, and an all-around hot mess at times, I changed my mindset about one year ago and that shift changed my attitude, my perspective, and my relationships to a “positive frequency”.  

Positive vs. Negative Frequency

There are two ways to process information and life; from the inside/out or the outside/in.  When we allow circumstances, other people, media, social standards, etc. control our view of the world, we give up our power and we are processing subconsciously life from the outside/in.  Outside influences become incorporated or take over control of your subconscious and what tends to rule your conscious thoughts are negative.   This can lead an individual to believe life is happening to them and they are collateral damage.  Over a period of time, as this view expands, a naturally negative perspective forms, and the frequency or energy and vibration (movement of energy, ions, and molecules emitted from our body) are negative.  Think of two magnets with the negative charge aimed at each other, they repel.  The same is with negative frequencies.  Based on the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like” so if you think negative, the theory is the Universe (being Catholic, I use God, whereas others tend to use Universe or Source as their term of reference) will continue to send negative to you.  It becomes a vicious cycle with no end until you make the “conscious” decision to change your “frequency”.

When you process the world from the inside/out, you step into power, you control what influences your worldview.  When you realize you have internal power and are in control of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions, your subconscious is programmed with positivity.  With the Law of Attraction, you think positive, your frequency or vibration draws more positivity and positive experiences to you.  Do you see where I’m going with this?!  Positive brings positive, negative brings negative….guess which one I prefer?

So, armed with this information, how do you plan to show up in life?  Do you plan to show up like a boss and seize the day or will you give away your power and let others in the world rule you?  Are you going to find the good even in difficult situations or will you spend your time wondering why everything is happening to you?  Are you going to look at your blessings and show gratitude or will you look around and wonder why others have more than you, that you don’t deserve or not worthy?  Well, I’m here to tell you, you are worthy, you are deserving, there is enough, you are enough, you are beautiful….so you do you and continue to be flawsome!

Does this blog impact how you see yourself and the world?  Are you getting anything from my words?  If so, please comment below your takeaway from my writings!  Also, interested in private music lessons or music theory?  Visit our website:  www.garrettmusicacademy.com.  Interested in programs that address mental health through the influence/art of music, visit my website:  http://iamflawsome.me/.  Be on the lookout for my first book, Be You, Do You, Share You….Be Flawsome!  More details to come very soon. 😊

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