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So you are walking along, minding your own business and it happens.  You are blindsided by someone, some circumstances that you were (or weren’t in most cases) prepared for.  You are hurt, angry, frustrated, discouraged.  That feeling burns in your chest, your stomach…your head starts to throb.  You begin to question yourself, your circumstances, your spiritual beliefs.  This could be short term or last many years.  So when it is your season of test/challenge, do you act or do you react?  Are you absorbed in the details of the problem or do you go directly to searching for solutions?  The choice you make will determine what amount of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual resources will be used.  Will you stretch and challenge beliefs and values to overcome your situation/circumstances or become passive and just accept it as “it is what it is”?    While I believe It’s ok to challenge God, the Universe, yourself, what becomes a problem is when one becomes “stuck” within this well of negative emotions, fixated on the problems, not the solutions.

There are always solutions, they just need to be imagined, dreamed, found.  What I have discovered in recent months is what happens when I relax my thoughts and meditate during the day or listen to soft music while I sleep.  I began this practice when pregnant with the twins as a way to relax my body (tense from constant brushes with early labor) and my mind while exposing the girls to music while in utero.  While my main focus, in my mind, was to help them grow and develop through stimulation and exposure to positive elements of the environment, I later realized after pregnancy that this pattern or routine was actually very beneficial for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being and would later save me.  
When faced with stress and anxiety while building the Academy, transitioning into being a mother to not one but two babies, dealing with marital challenges, health challenges, death and loss all within a 4 year span of time…I found myself not eating, low energy, lethargic…punishing myself because I thought I “deserved everything that was happening TO ME”.  I accepted my circumstances as my new “normal” – as a mother and a business owner.  I felt isolated, depressed, hopeless.  But there was light and what I have come to realize with age…and beauty I might add, is that I don’t have to “accept” anything.  I am the author of my life, my reality is self made.  God pushes me daily to grow into the woman he intends to make an impact on the wonderous world he created…thus my point…are you someone that acts or someone that reacts.

In a time of uncertainty, fear, instability, be the cause and the effect within your microcosm.  Know that you have the ability within you to create your reality.  You have the ability to find happiness, create joy, find solutions, realize dreams.  The power has been given to you, USE IT!  Make the decision, today, this minute TO ACT…BE THE CAUSE AND EFFECT IN YOUR LIFE!  Not a sermon, just a thought…

If you are interested in music lessons and how they will change your quality of life and improve your mental health, visit our website:  www.garrettmusicacademy.com or email info@garrettmusicacademy.com and we can enroll you or any member of your family for private music lessons for any instrument including voice.  Be sure to follow us on social media as well on Facebook (@garrettmusicacademy) and Instagram (@thegarrettmusicacademy).

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